White Russian Cocktail Recipe


White Russian cocktail

How to make White Russian Cocktail

Mix Vodka and Kahlua with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Then, float with whipped cream.

Strong alcohol Bitter taste Creamy texture

About White Russian

A White Russian is a sweet cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueurs, and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Other ingredients are often substituted for cream, the most common of which are milk, half and half, Baileys Irish Cream, horchata, and vanilla soymilk. The White Russian was reintroduced to popular culture as the signature drink of The Dude, the protagonist of the cult classic The Big Lebowski.

Everything you need to know about White Russian cocktail, and how to make one. It belongs to the shortdrink drink category, has bitter taste, strong alcohol and creamy texture. You can find the recipe of White Russian above.